soloprod - About
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Soloprod is a production company based in Milano that covers the entire Italian territory.

We provide all the services related to a successful shooting in Italy.

Or knowledge of the territory and a long term relationship with the suppliers givesA�to our clients a very high end result at the best rates.

Any individual need is important to achieve a perfect production.

Our mission is to make you feel home in Italy.

From prep to wrap you will have total support by e very experienced team.




Alex Caley, Max Farago, Alexi Lubomirski, Fred Pinet, Marcus Ohlsson, Emre Guven, Beau Grealy, Ben Watts, Oscar Falk, Phil Toledano, Lorenzo Bringheli, Stefano Azario, David Bellemere, William Garret, Dan Martensen, David Sims, Peter Gherke, Rhody Sims,A�Magnus Reed,Kristian Schuller, Dario Catellani, Li Qi, Marcel Pabst, Benoit Peverelli, Simon Winnal, Nick Dorey , Arnaud Pyvka, Azim Haydaryan, Arthur Elgort, Carlos Serrao, Mert & Marcus, Laziz Hanani, Matthias Vriens,Nick Leary,Alina Chechicheva,Laura Sciaccovelli, Daniel Gabbay, Eugenio Franchi, A�Enrique Badulescu, Solve Sandsbo, Norbert Shoerner, Michel Comte, Chad A�Pitman, Jaques A�Olivar…..